Knights of Pen and Paper 2 gets a free-to-play edition

Knights of Pen and Paper is a cute adaptation of tabletop RPGs where you are both the game master and the players, and control everything from the quests you embark on to the monsters you encounter. It's a fun little formula, and now everyone can give it a try thanks to Knights of Pen and Paper 2's newly released free edition. 

"You heard right! Enter and experience the horror of another beloved game franchise joining the dark side of free to play," developer Kyy Games writes on Steam. "Not tough enough? Turn on easy mode and pay your way to victory!" 

Notably, Knights of Pen and Paper 2 went free-to-play on mobile a few years ago. At the time, players' save files were wiped to make way for the new version. Luckily, the free Steam version didn't bring such a cutthroat transition. If you already own the $8 paid version, you can keep playing it without worry, you just can't transfer save files or content. 

Elsewhere, Kyy Games and publisher Paradox Interactive have been vague on how the free edition compares to the premium edition. Going by the free-to-play mobile version, there are liable to be substantial changes to the in-game economy, but take that with a grain of salt. I've reached out to Paradox Interactive for clarification and will update this story if I receive a reply. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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