Kiss Racer - an indie you control with your tongue

Kiss Racer Thumbnail

Graham is one of the judges of the Independent Game Festival . That means he gets to try out out all kinds of indie games before they become massively successful. You can see all of 2012's entries here . Kiss Racer is one of the odder games he's been sent; it's a racing game which is controlled by tongue movements. It also requires custom hardware and someone to kiss, both of which are lacking in the PC Gamer office.

It all sounds innocent enough but we can't help but be concerned for that guy in the pic's welfare. He looks worried. Or even disturbed. Other questions spring to mind when you begin to study Kiss Racer's logistics: whose tongue is actually controlling the car? Who is looking at the screen? Is it hygienic? Can you disable V-sync?

According to the devs , "Unlike existing game input devices, Kiss Racer seeks to generate the emotional experience of a kinetic act while users play the game rather than control games with their body." Sounds ruder than it should.

Click through for footage Kiss Racer being played. It's totally safe for work, I promise.

Kiss Racer from Hye Yeon Nam on Vimeo .