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Kingdom Come: Deliverance video is all about the horses

There's likely something really important happening in PC gaming news right now, probably involving a publisher saying their game will be good. That can wait, though, because we have some Hard Horse Facts to report. Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the upcoming RPG that's set in the world of non-fantastical medieval history , has released its third development video. This one is all about horses, which is a fine topic to dedicate an entire video to.

And if, right now, you think you don't care about the game's equine representation, I've got two words for you: horse inventories.

Horse inventories!

The current horse animations are placeholder, with the team eventually planning to mo-cap a horse. Could this be an eventual rival to Call of Duty's mo-capped dog? Maybe we'll review it , too.

Head here for the other Kingdom Come dev diaries, which cover player customisation and the game's world. The Kickstarter campaign still has thirteen days remaining, and has already more than doubled its £300,000 goal.

Phil Savage
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