Kingdom Come: Deliverance announced - realistic medieval RPG coming in 2015

The 'How to make an RPG" handbook contains two pages. On the first is written "Rule 1: set it in medieval times." On the second, it's "Rule 2: add a bucketload of dragons." Clearly then, Warhorse Studios - the Czech developers of the newly announced Kingdom Come: Deliverance - have torn that rulebook in half and thrown its latter section out of the window. It's a realistic medieval RPG, which means no dragons at all . Luckily, we've got until 2015 to recover from this shock. That's when the game - planned for PC and next-genish consoles - is due to appear. Probably because its makers need to work out what to put in it, if not dragons.

You may remember the beautiful tech demo that the team released just over a year ago. You probably don't though, so step into my time machine for a refresher.

A press release, intercepted by Kotaku , gives the following details:

"As players traverse expansive, strikingly detailed locales, they'll grapple with a range of period- accurate fighting techniques, horseback combat, open-field sieges, and large-scale battles, all while developing relationships and a reputation that will inform the greater story. Kingdom Come: Deliverance promises no magic, high fantasy or mythical overtones - it draws its inspiration instead from historically authentic characters, themes, and warfare."

Intriguing, no? More information is expected in 33 days time, according to countdown timer on the game's website .

Phil Savage

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