Kingdom Come: Deliverance already has an unlimited saves mod (Updated)

Update: There's a version of the mod that does not require you to have any Savior Schnapps in your inventory.

Original story: Kingdom Come: Deliverance does a noble job at attempting realism, but one of its resulting quirks is a bit annoying: you can't save whenever you want. Instead, you must consume Saviour Schnapps, which if used excessively, will cause protagonist Henry to become addicted (they're quite expensive, too).

Never mind that drinking schnapps in real life doesn't allow us to pause one life in order to re-engage with another, more real, parallel life. What matters is that most people seem to dislike the save system. Thankfully there's already a mod that allows you to do away with it.

Unlimited Saving is based on a DIY guide posted on reddit by EddieShoe (a version of which can be found here). The mod, created by biosmanager, basically just automates this process, and according to fellow PCG writer Chris Livingston, it works. He says you'll need at least one Schnapps in your inventory, but the mod stops that single unit from depleting. 

Of course, given the game's fresh state and the promise of forthcoming updates, there's every chance this mod might not work into the future (especially if Warhorse caves in and decides to implement a normal save system). But in the meantime, it'll help make the game less frustrating.

Shaun Prescott

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