Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer shows stealthy slaughter

Since its announcement the best part of three years ago, Warhorse Studios’ forthcoming non-fantasy RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance has outlined its desire to portray realism. We’ve since learned that means no dragons or magic, and many of its trailers have demoed its sophisticated sword fighting mechanics and robust armour system. 

The latest presentation video, aired at Gamescom last week, teases how stealth is handled for the first time, as well as a deeper look at the game’s combat. 

As posted by YouTube folk 4GamerMovie, stealth is demoed at the 2.20 mark as the playable character takes down a man inauspiciously lingering on his lonesome in the woods. Unlike, say, Thief, Dishonored or Skyrim, there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of UI prompts to show whether or not enemies can see you. The footage is also backed by music in lieu of actual sound effects, which means it’s hard to tell how believable the system is in motion.  

That said, if the same level of effort goes into Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s stealth mechanics as compared to the rest of its moving parts, then I’m pretty confident it’ll work. It’s been delayed on a few occasions up to now, however Kingdom Come: Deliverance is expected at some point next year.  

Thanks, Eurogamer