Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been delayed to 2017

The medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been pushed back again, this time to an unspecified date in 2017. Developer Warhorse Studios confirmed the delay, first reported by WCCFtech, in a message posted on the Kingdom Come forum. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was set to come out this summer, but was postponed in March, reportedly so the PC and console versions could be released simultaneously. This time, however, the studio said the delay is all about ensuring that Deliverance is the best game possible when it comes out. 

“We at Warhorse Studios decided to postpone the final release date for Kingdom Come: Deliverance to achieve the quality we and our players expect. We want Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be an exceptional RPG and that requires exceptional treatment and polishing,” Warhorse Community Manager DrFusselpulli wrote. “Since the successful Kickstarter campaign, we have listened intently to the opinions of our fans and with the new language packs, we hope to get even more feedback that will help us deliver the best possible gaming experience. We believe that the result will be a great collective project and will be well worth the wait.” 

A proper release will announced later this year, but for now Warhorse says it is “estimated for 2017.” If you don't feel like waiting, the beta version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available for purchase at

Andy Chalk

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