Kingdom Come: Deliverance reaches beta, PC release delay confirmed

Kingdom Come monastery

Chris recently got to test drive authentic Middle Ages RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. He found a lot to be impressed by, particularly if you're turned on by in-depth, tactical swordplay. Sound like you? You'll be pleased to hear that Kingdom Come has now reached beta, and you can buy-in starting at $50. Previous backers get access automatically.

The beta promises your first taste of a historical battle, a number of complete quests with multiple solutions and entry points, expanded stealth and sabotage systems and a massive expansion of the map that was available in alpha.

Accompanying the beta, however, is confirmation of the PC version's release delay to align with the planned console release. Originally marked for summer, it is still scheduled to appear this year. That's not such bad news though: despite his enthusiasm for the combat, Chris reckoned Kingdom Come's quests need plenty of polishing to make it a classic.