Killing Floor 2 gets new maps and guns in the free Descent Content Pack

Tripwire Interactive says the new, free Descent Content Pack for Killing Floor 2 marks a "significant update" to the game with the introduction of "an all-new type of map." Descent, the map that gives the pack its name, is built for the new Holdout sub-mode that confronts players with randomized dungeon layouts with each new wave of Zeds. 

As the patch notes explain, Holdout "stitches many rooms together differently each time you play," adding an extra layer of complication to the Survival mode because you don't know where the Zeds are going to come from. Tripwire first revealed the mode in mid-February, saying it "will combine rooms together dynamically as players traverse the dungeon via drop-downs to enter the next floor (with the only constants being the starting area and the boss room)." 

The update also brings the community-created Nuked map into the official lineup, and introduces a pair of new weapons, the Spitfire revolver, which can be wielded individually or akimbo, and the Stoner 63A light machine gun. The Stoner looks like an especially fun piece of hardware: Dual pistols are cool, but nothing says meat grinder like a Vietnam-era LMG with a 150-round drum magazine in a tightly-packed hallway. 

The Killing Floor 2: Descent Content Pack is free, and Killing Floor 2 is going free on Steam this weekend too: From 10 am PT on March 23 to 10 am PT on March 27, you can play it all you want at no cost and, if you dig it, buy the full game for half-price. 

Andy Chalk

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