Killer Instinct is releasing on Steam later this year

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Free-to-play brawler Killer Instinct will no longer be a Windows Store exclusive soon, with the announcement that it'll hit Steam later this year. That's good news for anyone with an aversion to the Windows Store, and probably bodes well for the health of the game, pointing as it does to a possible increase in its player pool.

The news was announced at CEO 2017 in Florida, and then later confirmed on Twitter. How the game will be presented on Steam is unclear, though most likely there will be a base free version – which rotates the free playable character every week – as well as a version of the Definitive Edition which bundles all playable characters or free.

Anyway, since E3 is now behind us, Killer Instinct players can expect the roll-out of Eagle in the coming weeks, and a new gameplay video of that character was shown at CEO. Check it out below:

Shaun Prescott

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