Kerbal Space Program 2 announced

Kerbal Space Program 2 has been announced with new features, new planets and, perhaps most surprisingly of all, a new developer. Star Theory Games—formerly Uber Entertainment—are taking the reins for the sequel, which will be released on Steam in spring 2020, and on consoles sometime after that.

In Kerbal Space Program 2, players will be able to build new interstellar vessels with new engines that will take them beyond Kerbal's solar system. A new colony builder will let you establish complex bases—and even letting you construct new vehicles from orbit. Kerbal Space Program 2 will also introduce multiplayer, although Star Theory Games is keeping quiet on what exactly that will entail.

The sequel will bring a selection of improvements to the essence of Kerbal, including a new terrain system that will make planets more interesting to explore, deeper modding support and an improved tutorial that aims to retain the original game's difficulty while better introducing key concepts. Rocket science is still hard, but it will at least be a little easier to learn. 

You can watch KSP2's new developers talk about taking on the project in this nine minute developer diary.

For more on Kerbal Space Program 2, head here for my detailed interview with the game's creative director, where we talk about the new colony building, interstellar travel, and loads more.

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