Keep your CPU temps in check with this 280mm liquid cooler on sale for just $60

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 all-in-one liquid cooler on a gray background.
Save $75 over list price on Cooler Master's MasterLiquid's ML280 AIO cooler. (Image credit: Cooler Master)

High CPU temps have you feeling down? Kick that stock cooler to the curb and invest in something higher end, like this Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 all-in-one liquid cooler. It's on sale at Newegg for $89.99, and if you apply coupon code SS2AAZZ422 at checkout, you'll save an additional $30, bringing the price down to $59.99.

That's $75 below its list price. It usually sells for closer to its discounted rate these days, but even so, you're still saving a good chunk of cash with the coupon code, making this a compelling value for a AIO liquid CPU cooler.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 |$134.99$59.99 at Newegg (save $75)SS2AAZZ422
Stay Cool

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML280 | $134.99 $59.99 at Newegg (save $75)
Don't let toasty CPU temps hamper your PC's performance potential. Cooler Master's MasterLiquid ML280 will help get those temps under control, and at a fantastic price with this deal. Just don't forget to input coupon code SS2AAZZ422 at checkout for the full discount.

This was originally exclusive to Amazon, according to the product page. It features a third-generation dual-chamber pump design with a larger cooling surface area compared to its predecessor, with a redesigned impeller and housing for a better balance of cooling and noise.

It also boasts a 280mm radiator with 25% more surface area than before, and a couple of high airflow (62 CFM) 140mm SickleFlow fans. The fans themselves don't light up, but the pump assembly does, with addressable RGBs.

Our buddies at Tom's Hardware reviewed this cooler a few years ago and found that it offers overall good cooling performance. The main gripe was with the price, but with this discount + coupon code in play, that concern goes right out the window.

One thing we don't know yet, however, is whether Cooler Master will offer updated brackets for this cooler when Intel's Alder Lake arrives, which will utilize a new LGA 1700 socket. If you're not planning to upgrade, though, this is definitely worth checking out.

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