Katamari mastermind to work on Glitch

Glitch thumbnail

Japanese developer Keita Takahashi - more famous for such console favourites as Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy - has joined Canadian developers Tiny Speck to aid them on their forthcoming MMO Glitch .

Take a look at the trailer . If you're familiar with Takahashi's work, you'll already understand why he's shown interest in the title. Takahashi is blogging about his experiences in Canada and at Tiny Speck for Japanese magazine Famitsu, which you can read here . In regards to him joining the project as a freelance contributer, he writes: “The reason of joining Glitch, it looks interesting. To create the game, to live the daily life at foreign country, there are quite interesting for me even if includes many troubles. The another reason is because I could feel similar atmosphere of Glitch and Katamari and NOBY.”

Glitch is currently in closed beta, but you can sign up for a chance to test at the game's official website . Tiny Speck themselves are made up largely of the team who created Flickr, the popular image hosting website.