Kanye West goes back to the future in Kanye Quest 3030


As the greatest philosophers of the world once said, “You can't become a god without having a video game about you.” The Wu-Tang Clan achieved immortality through the PlayStation classic Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style . 50 Cent got his in 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Blood on the Sand, and now Kanye West is obtaining omnipotence with a new RPG: Kanye Quest 3030.

After toiling away in the alpha phase of development, Kanye Quest 3030 is finally available for free on the creator's website . To begin your pilgrimage of beats and beat downs, you'll need the RPG Maker VX Ace Run Time Package installed on your rig. Only then can you travel through a wormhole into the year 3030 to take down the clones of our past and current hip-hop artists.

Even if you're not interested in taking on the hip-hop underground with a tight crew, you should at least watch the trailer for the grand piano rendition of Power. It's pretty great.