Just Cause 4 story trailer teases the torment and triumphs of Rico Rodriguez

We predicted last month that Just Cause 4 "will have a story that goes beyond 'and then a bridge blew up'," a noteworthy point because the Just Cause series is known mainly as a non-stop explode-o-rama. As Phil put it a few years ago, explosions "are its raison d'être; its sine qua non; it's essence; it's purpose."   

So the promise of a story that might actually mean something or require that you pay attention to things that aren't blowing up feels sort of like a broadening of horizons, and today's release of a real and proper "story trailer" reinforces that impression. Not that I expect Rico Rodriguez to become the next Edith Finch, but a strong narrative is the framework upon which great games are built, right? 

Anyway, Rico goes to Solis, finds out something about his dad, hooks up with the local rebels, and KABLAMMO! He careens through cars being thrown about by a tornado, ramps a tank, flies a jet fighter off an exploding aircraft carrier, blows up a blimp or something, jumps a motorcycle through an explosion, flies a wingsuit past an exploding transport plane, blows up an armored car while standing in the back of a pickup truck, and let's see, it looks like one, two, three bridges blow up. Unless it's the same bridge from three different angles, it's honestly hard to tell.

So there we have it. The Just Cause 4 story trailer. Embracing, edifying, intellectually invigorating. Who says story and action can't mix? 

Just Cause 4 comes out on December 4. Hallelujah, it's raining fighter jets

Andy Chalk

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