Just Cause 4 Easter egg replaces Rico's grappling hook with instruments of sheer agony

Thanks to his nigh-magical grappling hook, Rico Rodriguez is a man who doesn't have any issues climbing over obstacles. An amazing Easter egg in Just Cause 4 changes all that. Upon finding a suspiciously familiar looking pot and a pickaxe on the side of a mountain, the game camera swivels out to a side view and Rico suddenly finds himself in a replication of the ridiculously punishing Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy. You'll never take the grappling hook for granted again.

If you don't know Getting Over It, it's a game by the creator of QWOP, and based on 2002 game called Sexy Hiking. Players must climb a mountain while sitting inside the pot and using a sledgehammer to pull themselves up over rocks, trees, and other obstacles, where one wrong move will send you plummeting back down. And there won't be one wrong move, but hundreds. It's a brutal and agonizing test of patience that most players simply aren't equipped to handle.

The Easter egg in Just Cause 4 also contains audio of Foddy calling Rico to drop philosophical quotes and musings (as he does in Getting Over it). Foddy even points out that you're probably not playing Just Cause 4 yourself but watching someone else do it. "You're most likely watching this Easter egg online," he says, "where someone else has discovered and recorded it for you, like a baby bird being fed chewed up food." Hm. Well played.

The video at the top shows you the spot on the map you can find the pot, for those of you who enjoy unending frustration and pain. Just Cause 4 comes out tomorrow, and in the meantime you can read our review here.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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