Just Cause 3's multiplayer mod launches on Steam this month

Just Cause 2’s most enduring feature was undoubtedly its delightfully chaotic fan-made multiplayer mod. And now, after a year of development, Just Cause 3 players are poised to enjoy the same mayhem with the launch of its very own multiplayer mod on July 20. 

Though early builds have been available since last year, this month will see it hit 1.0 and launch on Steam. The team behind it, Nanos GbR, are not the same modders behind the original, but rather a “team of coders from Germany, Austria and the UK” whose goal isn’t just to create a multiplayer mod, but a platform for future, player-created modes. 

Its launch later this month doesn’t mean it’s finished, though. Along with any modes players might want to create, other features are still in development, including tethering and different player models. At the moment, everyone is stuck looking like chiseled action-man, Rico Rodriguez. 

In the meantime, there are battles, chases, skydiving, aerial fights and plenty of other diversions, all in servers with potentially hundreds of players. 

You can take a gander at the brief FAQ here.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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