Just Cause 3 gets first patch, before the game is even out

Just Cause 3 innit

Just Cause 3 is out on Tuesday, but if you're playing the game in advance—perhaps because you're a time traveller, a pirate, or a shop sold you a copy early—you might be pleased to hear that the first patch will drop this weekend, a few days before the game is actually out. It's a day 1 patch, essentially, and while you're doubtless going to be downloading it regardless, it's generally a good idea to keep track of how developers are changing your game.

Having said that, there's nothing majorly exciting in Just Cause 3's very first patch—it's full of various, unidentified optimisations and tweaks, but there are a few concrete changes too. Including: "Rebels riding along with Rico will now be less rude and not talk over each other". When you're exploding your homeland, and gunning down militia with no remorse, it's nice to know that social etiquette is being upheld.

Here are the full patch notes (ta, PCGamesN):


  • The Medician Department of Nature Conservation has pored over every inch of our beautiful island for cracks and removed them
  • The Medician Department of Motor Vehicles has taken measures to acquire poorly-tuned vehicles and burn them
  • Di Ravello’s Militia has been given a refresher course in combat and spatial awareness as per the General’s recent mandate
  • The Medician Department of Infrastructure has made some adjustments to certain roads to prevent traffic jams
  • Various stability/crash fixes
  • Various camera fixes
  • Various Havok destruction optimisations
  • Various localisation fixes and updates
  • Various worldsim improvements


  • Various minor mission bug fixes
  • Various minor challenge bug fixes
  • Fixed some various issues with Random Encounters


  • Various LoD optimisations
  • Various lighting optimisations
  • Various animation optimisations


  • Various level and EQ adjustments
  • Rebels riding along with Rico will now be less rude and not talk over each other
  • Fixed a few rare audio distortion issues involving destructible objects with lots of moving parts

In related news, you can now watch the first hour of Just Cause 3. I did, and found it a good way to satisfy my desire to see/play a new game, without having to pay ~£30-50 for the privilege. I now have little to no interest in playing Just Cause 3 myself, which probably wasn't their intention.

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