How to get to Jotunheim in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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Trying to figure out how to get to Jotunheim in AC Valhalla? Just like the AC Valhalla Asgard region, you won't be able to jump in your longboat and set sail for this mythical land—you'll need to find some other means of getting there. To get started, you'll need to finish the Asgard story arc, then return to Valka at the Seer's Hut in Ravensthorpe to receive the quest, Going Deeper.

Valka will task you with collecting herbs for a new elixir to send you to Jotunheim, and you'll need to head to Cent to fetch them. The AC Vahalla Going Deeper quest can be tricky, as you'll be exploring a confusing cave network to retrieve the herbs. You won't encounter any enemies in the caves though, so you can complete this with a low gear level—providing you don't run into trouble on the way there. 

Ready to go? This guide shows you how to get to AC Valhalla Jotunheim, as well as details on how to navigate the Cave of Trials and finish the Going Deeper quest. 

AC Valhalla Jotunheim: How to complete the Cave of Trials 

If you head to the quest marker on the map in Cent, you'll find an abandoned, cobwebbed house. Enter it and look for a square hole in the floor with a ladder leading down. You can use your torch to see here if it's a bit dark. Destroy the boxes at the bottom to clear the crawl space and make your way through. You'll slide down a short slope and end up in a cave.

Make your way across the rocks here but use your Odin's Sight to spot the key hanging from the end of the chain. Use 'E' as you jump past it to collect the Key of Courage and use it to unlock the door ahead.

The tunnels here can get quite confusing so make sure you use your Odin's Sight often to locate the herbs you're after. You should see the first straight ahead, so use the wooden beam and jump across to it. Jump to the doorway ahead and collect another herb at the end of the tunnel.

In the next cave, use your Odin's Sight again and use the ropes attached to the rock pillars to make your way to the other side and collect two more herbs. From here, use the rope to cross over to the big rock stalactite in the middle of the room and climb up it and to the right to find yet another rope. Pull yourself up onto this and make your way about halfway across. On your right, you should see another key hanging from a chain and you'll need to jump across to the rock pillar on the other side and press 'e' to grab the Key of Balance as you pass by. Once collected, turn left and use the rope to return to the entrance that you came in from.

Return down this passage and back to the previous cave. Turn slightly to your left and jump to the rope, then across to the wooden beam, then to the doorway ahead. Make your way through another cave and keep going until you find a room with a wooden platform suspended by ropes. Slide down the slope but jump to grab the beam, then jump to the platform and across to another doorway. Head through here to find two more herbs on your left. 

That should be all you need for Valka but you still need to find a way out of here.

Keep going up the stone steps until you find another cave with a rope. You'll also spot a key—again, hanging from a chain—just ahead. You can slide down to the small triangular rock ledge here and jump across to the stone pillar ahead, grabbing the Key of Agility as you jump. Jump across to the steps ahead and turn right, jumping any gaps you come across.

Keep going until you find a moveable rock and pull it towards you to reveal a gap you can squeeze through. You'll find yourself back in the first big cave you came to. Now you need to turn slightly to your left and use three ropes to jump across to the doorway with a wooden ledge. You should find yourself in a room with lots of wooden platforms. Shoot down the big sack of rubble immediately in front of you and jump across to the platform on the other side.

Pull yourself up the platforms here until you find another bag of rubble in your way and shoot that down, too. Once the dust has cleared, jump across to the narrow ledge and on to the platform beyond. If you follow the platform, you should see a ladder to your left and you'll need to use your bow to release it to the floor. Jump across to the ladder and climb onto the circular wooden platform then jump between the two ropes here to grab the Key of Dexterity. From here, jump to the platform below and make your way out of the room through the door that you entered.

Once you're back in the main room again, jump to ground level and look for a door ahead of you. Use two of the keys to unlock the doors here and head through to find a chest you can loot. Use another key on the next door to unlock it then follow the passage for quite a way until you reach another moveable rock and a cave full of stalagmites. You'll need to use the blocks here to jump over the obstacles so position them accordingly. 

Once you're through, run up the stairs—use your Odin's Sight here to grab the Treasure of Britain sat on top of a rock then use another key to unlock the door ahead. You can put that towards getting your hands on AC Valhalla Excalibur. Keep following the passage and you'll eventually reach a gap that brings you back outside.

And that's it. You can now head back to Ravensthorpe and give the herbs to Valka to complete the AC Valhalla Going Deeper quest. She will make a second elixir and you'll be able to use it to travel to Jotunheim. Be careful not to interact with the wrong potion when you're ready though—they are quite close to each other on the table.

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