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Jottobots: an indie platformer that will brighten up your Saturday

Saturday feels like a strange day to release a game, but when it's a game as wonderfully strange-looking as Jottobots , perhaps that's apt. It's the latest from Kyle Pulver of Snapshot and Offspring Fling fame, and this time he's collaborated with artist Jo. Otto Seibold to create a score-chasing platformer with a strikingly lovely art style. Or rather, he did in back 2009 for the ARTxGAME collective - he's had the game "sitting around" gathering digital dust since then. But now, today, we'll finally be able to play it, with a single dollar being the price of admission.

Admittedly, it isn't available to buy at the time of writing, probably because it's still the middle of the night in the USA. Sitting here in my Hyperbolic Time Chamber , I often forget about trivial things like time zones. While we wait for those lazybones to get themselves out of bed, let's all have a look at the Jottobots trailer, which reminds me of a more actiony Cave Story.