Join our private Discord server on the PC Gamer Club

Last week we highlighted the cool in-game items you get when joining the PC Gamer Club, and this week we want to draw attention to our community. 

Everyone who joins the PC Gamer Club at either tier will get an invite to our private Discord server, where you can join a friendly community of regulars. Not only that, but you can regularly interact with the PC Gamer team. Let us know what you think of what we do, or just come and talk about what you're playing now, and see what everyone else is up to.

This is just one of the benefits to joining the Club. As well as monthly game keys from our partners at, you'll get our magazine sent to your digital device, an ad-free version of the site, those items mentioned above, a fabulous Tub Geralt wallpaper and more. Check out all the benefits here, and we look forward to chatting to you in Discord. 

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