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Joe Danger PC will include playable TF2 mercs, Minecraft characters and levels

It's become increasingly common to see indie characters crop up in each other's games. Which does make you wonder if, like a TV spin off, this makes them part of a shared universal lore. If so, good luck to the guy in charge of keeping track of and writing it all down. Joe Danger has become the latest addition to this increasingly bizarre web of crossovers. His PC debut next Monday will be welcomed by the entire cast of Team Fortress 2, along with a selection of Minecraft characters and environments.

"Lately pretty much all of us have been playing on our PCs more than our consoles," Hello Games' Sean Murray tells us, "especially at lunch, and you know that means Team Fortress 2. Like, we've clocked up over 4000 hours in it between us and have so many hats."

"Just for fun Aaron started adding TF2 characters into Joe Danger and I was in love with how good they looked. We completely had to make them happen for real, so we called Valve, and now it's a real thing! Like, there aren't many companies you can imagine saying yes to that."

Not only will miniaturised versions of all nine mercenaries appear as playable characters in the game, but they'll also crop up as opponents in Challenge mode.

For Minecraft, the team have not only added The Player and Pigman characters, but also created an environment set for the Joe Danger 2 editor. "We imagined how cool it would be to ride through Minecraft environments, so we talked to our friends at Mojang. And now that's happening too - in Joe Danger you can build Minecraft levels. It started as an environment… then became props… then characters. Since we have an editor, all the cubes, and Steam Workshop – it means you can pretty much build anything too!"

As Murray asks, "Is this the first time Minecraft is on Steam? Is this legal? We haven't shown Notch the TF2 chars tearing through the Minecraft world yet (he's a big TF2 fan). Can't wait :)"

Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie will releases on June 24th. More screenshots below:

Phil Savage
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