Jagged Alliance: Flashback is successfully funded


It's time to give Danish indie developer Full Control a pat on the back as their latest game, Jagged Alliance: Flashback , has gotten over the initial $350,000 hump with a final tally of $368,614—just hours before their Kickstarter ended.

The team is currently working on a video game version of the Warhammer 40K board game, Space Hulk, but wants to run pre-production on Jagged Alliance: Flashback in the meantime.

Full Control plans to base Flashback on the Sir-Tech Canada game, Jagged Alliance 2, and will be a turn-based RPG that has you managing a mercenary group as you take back a Caribbean island during the tumultuous period known as the Cold War.

The developers behind Full Control identify themselves as huge fans of the Jagged Alliance franchise and are looking to create an entirely new story—one that takes place before any of the previous Jagged Alliance games.

You might remember Kalypso Media publishing Jagged Alliance: Back in Action last year, which shares Jagged Alliance 2's story but was remade in isometric 3D. We're still not sure whether Flashback will use the purely turn-based combat from JA2 or the "Pause and Go" system from Back in Action.

Full Control wants to make mod support for Flashback a priority, but says it will be more specific once they have a final budget. The developer isn't opposed to adding multiplayer, but said it wants to focus on the single-player campaign before making any promises.

While it appears as though Full Control missed the $375,000 stretch goal, which adds mountains, mines and pits to the environments, Community Manager Andreas Jes Sørensen told us their Paypal account has over $12,000, which totals to around $380,000 when you add in the Kickstarter money. Your mountains, mines and pits are safe. Well, probably not the pits. Or the mines. And now that I think about it, mountains can be pretty perilous as well.

Anyway, Jagged Alliance: Flashback is currently set to release in late 2014 on Windows, Mac and Linux, but—as it is for many games—the release date is subject to change.