Jagged Alliance: Back in Action release date announced

The new Jagged Alliance game, Back in Action is due to arrive on February 10 in Europe, and February 14 in the US. A new Jagged Alliance: Back in Action trailer has appeared as well.The new Jagged Alliance will show all of your orders unfolding at once, a la Frozen Synapse, a slightly snappier version of the traditional turn-based model which would have your soldiers taking their turns individually while the rest of the battlefield remains locked in stasis.

The idea of taking orderly turns in the midst of a frenzied battle has always been a slightly strange concept, but it can be deeply satisfying to overrun an enemy base with a series of meticulously planned attach routes and perfectly executed military manoeuvres. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action adopts an odd, semi-real time approach to combat. You can issue orders at any time during a real-time encounter whenever the action is paused. Find out more in our Jagged Alliance: Back in Action preview . Hopefully it'll can tickle the lizard-like strategy gaming bits of our brains when it's released next month.

Tom Senior

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