It’s only a matter of time before there's an RGB hoodie for real

We have arrived on April Fools' Day, and that means one thing—wading through lots and lots of fake product announcements. Usually this is pretty easy, as is the case with Nissin Cup Noodles and HyperX teaming up on a headset. Other times, not so much. Enter Aorus and its RGB hoodie.

Aorus posted a video of its faux hoodie on Facebook, where it is clearly labeled as an April Fools' Day prank. But really, I wouldn't have batted an eye if this was a real product, launched on any other day than April 1.

Actually, I'm not sure it doesn't already exist. I refuse to research this, though, because I'm terrified I might also stumble onto other RGB attire, and namely underwear. I don't have a Ph.D. in seduction, but I'm pretty sure stuffing an LED light kit in my pants is not going to do it for anyone. That's a rabbit hole I'd rather not jump into.

Assuming there is no such thing as an RGB hoodie, there's there's always the DIY route. Or just wait a bit—now that Aorus has thrown the idea into the universe, it's a safe bet it will be picked up.

Paul Lilly

Paul has been playing PC games and raking his knuckles on computer hardware since the Commodore 64. He does not have any tattoos, but thinks it would be cool to get one that reads LOAD"*",8,1. In his off time, he rides motorcycles and wrestles alligators (only one of those is true).