It's No Man's Skyrim

Redditor BoidGaming has come up with some incredible creations in the past, but this may be their finest moment: The Imperial Palace from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, recreated in No Man's Sky.

Boid has the full video tour above, or you can just admire this picture of their amazing work in recreating this hub. The palace and its six districts are unforgettable for anyone who loved this game, and as you look at this creation it's hard not to wish Patrick Stewart had helped out with a voice-over. By Azura, it's something else.

No Man's Sky, The Imperial City, Elder Scrolls Oblivion, By Boid Gaming + El Loko Qc from r/NoMansSkyTheGame

No Man's Sky continues to see regular updates, most recently the ability to cruise around the galaxy with pets, and keeps on inspiring some amazing fan builds: check out this take on Rapture, which is unfortunately too big for players to actually visit. Or you could just get in a fight with the giant sandworms.

Rich Stanton

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