It's finally snowing in Fortnite

Yes, those are mostly stars, but there's a snowflake somewhere.

The first snowflakes have started to land on Fortnite’s spawn island, heralding winter. With the large cloud and mysterious iceberg looming on the horizon, we’ve been expecting this year’s seasonal event for a while, and Epic started teasing it yesterday with an ominous, frosty figure. Winter will commence properly on December 6. In the meantime, you can enjoy a light dusting of snow. 

Here I am trying to admire it while everyone else attempts to shoot the poor snowflakes.

Once you leave the spawn island, which is considerably closer to the cloud and iceberg than the main island, the snow stops. You won’t be able to escape it for much longer, however. 

When Season 7 kicks off and makes Fortnite chilly, there will be a new battle pass, new skins and probably some more portal shenanigans. There’s a castle through the rift and some new technology in the recently opened bunker that could be designed to create stable portals. Science is cool.

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Have you got anything warm to wear? 

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