Ithaka of the Clouds: the latest adventure from the team behind The Sea Will Claim Everything

Jonas Kyratzes has spent the last few years peeking into the Lands of Dream - a realm where "everything once imagined is real, as are many things no mortal has yet conceived of", brought to life by his own writing, the art of Verena Kyratzes, and more recently the exquisite music of Chris Christodoulou . After several free games set in the Lands, Kyratzes released The Sea Will Claim Everything , a sort of picture-book adventure game with a focus on storytelling and exploration. Now, he's taken to Indiegogo to fund Ithaka of the Clouds , a point-and-click adventure with a "funny, moving, bittersweet story", crafting, philosophy and bad puns, among other things - all in the biggest Lands of Dream game yet.

Inspired by the poetry of Constantine Cavafy , Ithaka of the Clouds is "the story of two lovers and their travels across the Lands of Dream as they seek the legendary city of the title. And it so happens that the two lovers are both trolls, creatures that human stories have often painted as frightening barbarians. The journey will take them through many lands, where they will meet many people and creatures and face many challenges." Kyratzes is asking for $12,000 to make this happen, with the game expected to be finished "6-8 months after funding". The Indiegogo campaign itself ends in 32 days.

$10 will get you a copy of Ithaka, when it's done, but there are some lovely rewards for higher backers, including prints of Verena Kyratzes' artwork and even a separate game made in your honour if you happen to have $10,000 going spare. (If you do, perhaps you'd be willing to crowdfund me a new car?)

Have a watch of Kyratzes' lengthy pitch video, below, for more details.

Tom Sykes

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