It looks like a new Shadow Warrior game is on the way

(Image credit: Devolver)

It's been four years since Shadow Warrior 2 released, which James called a "thrilling looter shooter" with "bad jokes." It looks like more bad jokes are on the way: the official Shadow Warrior Twitter account has teased a teaser trailer, which is a lot of teasing.

It's unlikely the official Shadow Warrior Twitter account would tease something without a game being involved, but again, the series is not averse to bad jokes. The series' publisher Devolver is hosting its Direct livestream next Saturday, so I predict we'll get a teaser trailer before July 11, and then a more substantial showing during the event.

Here's the tweet:

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Devolver actually teased the game as far back as January, in a promotional tweet for a Shadow Warrior Steam sale. And on that note, the Shadow Warrior series is extremely cheap on aforementioned store at the moment: most of the games in the series are 75 percent off.

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