Is Fable 3 Xbox exclusive?


According to Peter Molyneux at Microsoft's Xbox E3 conference, his company's third Fable game is “exclusive to Xbox 360.”

But that's not a definite recipe for panic, friends. Microsoft have confirmed in a press release dated May 21 that the PC would be receiving its own version of Molyneux's action-RPG, albeit a touch later than the console outing. If that official announcement is to be believed, we'll be getting a PC version of Fable 3 around Christmas of this year.

We've been through this rigmarole before with Fable III. In May, Joystiq saw box-art for the Xbox 360 version of Lionhead's upcoming game that suggested us PC gamers will definitely get a release, but the official pictures of the pack that surfaced days later direct from Microsoft fuelled rumours otherwise.

For the hard of seeing, the before version had a happy little 'Only on Xbox 360 and Windows' tag; the most recent shots of the box direct from Microsoft scrubbed these off, suggesting a 360-only release. This'll probably be due to the inevitable difference in release dates though, rather than some nefarious scheme.

For now, we've got our best men over in LA, who'll bring you confirmation as soon as they've got it.