Towerfall meets Bomberman in Invisigun Heroes, now out on Steam

I first came across Invisigun Heroes back at PAX South 2016, and it immediately impressed me. At the time I said it could be the next Towerfall Ascension, and after its launch on Steam today I don't think I was wrong.

Invisigun Heroes looks a bit like Bomberman on the surface, except everyone has guns instead of explosives. Also, you're all invisible, even to yourself. Firing your weapon reveals you for a moment, and bumping into walls or objects will make them shimmer with the color of your character. It's a tense game of hide and seek, trying to predict where your opponent is headed without losing track of yourself along the way.

I don't make the comparison to Towerfall lightly, but Invisigun Heroes is one of the few games I've played that has the similar combination of simple concept and complex strategy that makes Towerfall so good. I can easily see it becoming my go-to couch party game for a while, as it's an easy game to teach people and one you can noticeably get better at after only a few rounds. Thankfully, Invisigun Heroes also has online multiplayer—a feature that was a major component of its successful Kickstarter early last year—as well as some singleplayer challenges. 

You can find Invisigun Heroes for $15 on Steam

Tom Marks
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