Invisible, Inc trailer reveals that Klei's turn-based tactical espionage game is no longer Incognita

It would be entirely appropriate if you hadn't heard of Invisible, Inc., because it's a turn-based tactical strategy about stealth, espionage and leaving no trace. What you may have heard of is its previous alias: Incognita . The Klei-made early access game has now received its new legend, and, in a moment of carelessness that could rival 007, headed straight to YouTube to publicise its existence.

"We have changed the name of the game to Invisible, Inc.", writes Klei's Jason Dreger on the community's forum .

"After some focus testing, Invisible, Inc. was better received than the old "Incognita". Our focus of the design does not change in that it will still be a game of turn based tactical espionage."

No secretive cloak 'n dagger reason for the name switch then, which is a bit of a shame. Still, the new name contains a pun, so that's an undeniable plus.

Regardless of name, the game recently received its seventh alpha update, to adjust its difficulty, randomise the order in which you infiltrate corporations, and apply a bonus for stealthy play. Here's the latest changelist:

  • Meta game loop added. Players earn metapoints by ending games, either by a win or a lose. Metapoints are used to unlock new choices.

  • New game flow. Random corporation order selection.

  • Adjustments to difficulty. Many stat adjustments to level generation and point values of items and abilities.

  • "Clean up fee" stealth play incentive.

  • Drones have a mainframe hacking option.

If you're interested, Invisible, Inc. can be found in its early access alpha state over at the game's website .

Phil Savage

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