Introversion teases Prison Architect with virtual treasure hunt


Oh Introversion, why must you tease us so? We've just received a mysterious email from the indie developer, whose games form the core of the latest Hundle Indie Bundle . The email reads:

“We are running a sneaky treasure hunt and we wanted to give you the next clue. This is ready to be released immediately, and it's exclusively yours to do with as you wish.

“The clues are all from Introversion's next game Prison Architect, and showcase Ryan Sumo's amazing art.

“Some of the clues are buried in the Humble Introversion Bundle.”

Included are links to the Prison Architect and Humble Indie Bundle sites.

Also attached is the above image, featuring a pistol and the code 3612. Which, coincidentally, is my PIN number. As the email says, it's all something to do with Prison Architect , Introversion's upcoming jail-building game.

It looks like there are going to be more clues floating around the web in the coming days or weeks, and we'll be keeping you informed as we piece the clues together. If you've bought the Humble Indie Bundle and spot any clues do tell in the comments below.

Actually, upon intensely studying the image for exactly 28 minutes, I've figured out what it is! It's a sock! With a hand and a gun in it! Prison Architect must feature men with hands for feet who carry guns in their shoes at all times.