Humble Introversion Bundle is live, pay what you want for every Introversion game

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Introversion are the latest indie devs to get the Humble Bundle treatment. You can pay what you want for all of their games. You'll even get a few interesting tech demos thrown in for good measure, including the procedural city generator that the team developed for Subversion.

The Humble Introversion Bundle includes IGF Grand Prize winner, Darwinia, nuclear war simulator, Defcon, tense hacker sim, Uplink and the multiplayer version of Darwinia, Multiwinia. If you pay more than the average donation (which currently stands at $3.82), you also get Crayon Physics Deluxe and gorgeous platformer, Aquaria as well.

Introversion recently announced that they've switched development from Subversion to a new project, Prison Architect. We interviewed Introversion's Chris Delay about changing projects and Introversion's journey since the release of Uplink way back in 2001. If you've never played an Introversion game before, there are demos available on Steam for Darwinia and Defcon . Take note of those Steam prices, too. Pay what you want is a great price for a bundle stuffed with fantastic games.

Tom Senior

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