Intel's Core i7-10700KF CPU is $48 off right now

Intel Core i7 box
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Intel's 10th-generation processors are some of the best CPUs for gaming, especially the models that trade integrated graphics for more savings. The Core i7-10700KF is one of the company's top processors for gaming PCs, and now you can get it on Amazon for just $264.63. That's $96.37 lower than MSRP, and $48 than the previous price.

The Core i7-10700KF is a 10th-generation (Comet Lake) processor, built on a 14 nm process. It has 8 cores, 16 threads, and a maximum clock of 5.10 GHz. The 'K' in the name means it's overclockable, so if you have one of the best CPU coolers, you might be able to get more performance. The 'F' means it has no integrated graphics, so you'll need a graphics card to get a usable computer.

Our friends at Tom's Hardware gave the processor 4/5 stars, thanks to its excellent gaming performance, lower per-thread pricing than some of its competitors, and high overclocking headroom. However, the lack of a bundled cooler and support for PCIe 3.0 are definitely downsides. You'll also need a motherboard with Intel's relatively-new LGA 1200 socket, so if you're upgrading an existing PC, you'll almost certainly have to upgrade the motherboard too.

Intel Core i7-10700KF | $264.63 (save $48)

Intel Core i7-10700KF | $264.63 (save $48)
This high-end processor from Intel is $96 off the original MSRP, and $48 lower than the previous price.

If this CPU isn't quite what you're looking for, have a gander at our roundup of the best CPUs for gaming. We've tested many different processors at several price brackets, so you can find the best option for you and your budget.

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