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Insurgency: Sandstorm update adds five new guns and a mode playlist

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Insurgency: Sandstorm, the very loud, very tense military shooter, received its first big update this week. It promises to shake up the battles between soldiers and insurgents with new game modes and five new weapons, along with some tweaks to competitive matches. 

The highlight of the update is the arcade playlist. It will eventually feature a bunch of rotating modes and new rulesets, starting with team deathmatch. It's a straightforward mode with each team simply trying to net the most kills, but it also waives faction restrictions and gives you extra supply points to more easily build your dream loadout.  

You'll be able to spend that increased supply on the five new guns, which are normally limited to a specific faction. For close quarters fights, you'll be wanting one of the new MP5s. The A2 and A5 are both low caliber guns, so they won't knock you on your arse with the recoil. The two new machine guns pack a bigger bunch, with the M240B boasting high-caliber damage, while the MG3 has an "absurd" rate of fire. You can also add the PF940 handgun to your loadout, which comes with a high capacity magazine upgrade that lets you cram 31 rounds into it. 

Also included in the update are flashbang improvements, new cosmetic items, the ability to kick players off community servers and competitive tie-breakers. Check out the full patch notes here

Fraser Brown
Fraser Brown

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