IndieGameStand offers constant sales, free game for anyone who signs up now

IndieGameStand launches on the 26th, and while it's not quite the 'new way to buy indie games' it claims (it still involves the transfer of money in exchange for goods, as opposed to letting you wash the developer's car or something), it could be a cool new site. A new game every 96 hours, sold on a Pay What You Want basis. Many games will come with Steam codes, but none with extra DRM.

Anyone who signs up before the launch will also get a freebie...

It's called Chester , and while I've not played it, I'm told it's decent. It costs nothing but a sign-up to get hold of for the next couple of weeks though, so you have nothing to lose but your memory of what password you typed in. Hint: try 'password'. Double-bluff those evil criminal scum!

All games sold on the site are, as said, Pay What You Want, with 10% of the price going to a charity of the developer's choice. You can sign up the old fashioned way, or via Facebook.