Indie Royale offering majestic indie game deals!

This is a website that is going to get your wallet into trouble. But not too much trouble, and that's the genius of it. is currently offering an indie bundle that includes ARES, Gemini Rue (easily worth the price of 10 of these bundles), Sanctum (a great tower-defense FPS), and Nimbus.

Right now the bundle is selling for around $3, but it might drop as some people pay above the asking price. It might also increase, if people don't beat the minimum price. I don't quite understand how it all works, but apparently paying more than the average can actually reduce the minimum bundle price for your fellow gamers. So don't be cheap.

If you want to know exactly how all the Indie Royale bundle works, and how you will get your games, they have compiled this handy FAQ . But me, I think I'd just take advantage of these fire sale prices.