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The Indie Royale Evolved Bundle: set your price for Unmechanical, Krater, and more

Indie Royale Evolved Bundle
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The first half of the Indie Royale Evolved Bundle (opens in new tab) 's name sounds like a gourmet, locally-grown hamburger. Look elsewhere if you're hungry for food, but if you're hungry for five DRM-free indie games, the bundle is selling at a fluctuating minimum that's currently sitting at $5.35.

Included are Uncanny Games' tree-growing platformer OIO (opens in new tab) , Tale of Tales' imaginative spook-fest The Path (opens in new tab) , Fatshark's loot-crazy RPG Krater (opens in new tab) , Turtle Cream's colorful Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory (opens in new tab) , and Talawa Games' side-scroller Unmechanical (opens in new tab) .

As a bonus for paying $8 or more, you'll also get the first volume of Slipstream (opens in new tab) , a collection of remixed and remastered tracks from Wipeout and Wipeout 2097 by original artist Tim Wright. That's definitely a sweeter deal than any fancy-sounding burger.

Head over to the Indie Royale Evolved Bundle (opens in new tab) 's site for more info.

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