Indie Royale All Charity Lightning Pack is live, £10k already raised for charity

Indie Royale All Charity Lightning pack

Adding the word "lightning" to things tends to make them instantly exciting, and adding the word "charity" makes them nice, so the Indie Royale team have hit on a good thing with their " All Charity Lightning Pack ." It'll let you pay a small amount for a bundle that includes floaty gobble 'em up, Osmos, violent but awesome party game, BUTTON, Rabbi-tastic adventure The Shivah and the surreal, serene explorathon that is Blueberry Garden.

ALL profits are divided between four charities, including Amnesty International , the Electronic Frontier Foundation , act!onaid and Unicef . The minimum price for the pack fluctuates. If more buyers pay over the required minimum, the price will drop. Otherwise, it'll rise gradually. Right now it's set at a pleasantly low £2.57 and the total donations figure just ticked over the ten thousand mark. WELL DONE EVERYONE. The deal will close in 79 hours at the time of writing.

Tom Senior

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