Indie platformer Rain World turns to Kickstarter for additional funding

After three years of development, indie platformer Rain World hit Kickstarter this week, seeking additional funding to finalize the game. Set in a 16-bit industrial hellscape, you play as an unnamed slugcat, trying to hibernate your way through life. When you get hungry, you're forced to get out, stalk, and pounce on things to eat while other, larger animals try to do the same to you.

Still pictures don't do the game justice because it's the fluid and, well, cat-like movements of the fuzzy hero that really catch my eye. The animations look smooth and kinetic against the deliberately low-fi backdrop, and it's a cool effect. As a side note, this is exactly the correct way to do Kickstarter: show up with a product worth showing off, not just some nice concept art. The Internet will beat a path to your door to carry you over the finish line.

After barely 48 hours on Kickstarter, Rain World is a mere $900 from its $25,000 goal, so it's a safe bet that we'll be seeing this particular slugcat late this year. There's still four weeks left to get in on the cheap deal and accompanying rewards, though, so head to Kickstarter and take a look.