In Deceive Inc. you can disguise yourself as anything, and so can your enemies

Deathloop is a slick shooter with a cleverly integrated 1v1 multiplayer mode that could really be an entire game on its own. Deceive Inc., which just got a new trailer at today's PC Gaming Show, looks like that game with a lot of ambition and a little of Prop Hunt sprinkled in.

Deceive Inc. pulls the camera out on the small-scale skirmishes between Colt and Julianna in Deathloop and sets the game on bigger levels that give more '70s spy heroes a chance to out-smart each other. The key trick in this FPS is that everyone has a special watch that lets them mimic objects in the environment as they sneak or blast their way to the objective. Like in Prop Hunt, you'll have to keep a careful eye on potted plants and chairs so that they don't shoot you in the back.

The new trailer focuses on some of Deceive Inc.'s playable characters. There's a sniper lady who can toss out a turret, and she downs another spy who seemingly has the ability to track his opponents' last known locations. Another spy sends out a small drone to follow his targets. When a spy dies, it looks like they drop items that can give you an edge in the next battle. The items create opportunities for other spies to try to swoop in and take the loot for themselves (which means they're also likely excellent bait). It's clear in the trailer that you'll have to keep a low profile as you tiptoe through the level. A good spy is always ready for another player's arsenal of abilities and gadgets.

If Deathloop was missing anything, it was a way to use Arkane's clever abilities in a larger multiplayer setting. Deceive Inc. takes a goofier approach to the espionage theme but seems to be filling it with a diverse set of characters to choose from and try to outwit.

The spy vs. spy shooter is set to launch on PC and consoles in early 2023.

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