Important: you can now hit things in Monster Hunter: World with a giant meat hammer

Thanks to my friend nico for brandishing the meat hammer for a screenshot (Image credit: Capcom)

Until February 13, Monster Hunter: World is running its 2nd anniversary festival, a chance to unlock some special sparkly armor and do a whole load of rare event quests that are only available a few times a year. There's a lot to do, but only one of these limited-time event quests is truly important. It's called Beef is Never a Mi-Stake, and the reward for completing this quest is a giant turkey leg masquerading as a hammer. If there's any must-have weapon in Monster Hunter right now, surely it's this one.

On the Fextralife wiki page for the Juicy Well-done Hammer, someone noted that "with no decorations and only blue sharpness, the only salient point of this weapon is the Attack Value." They seem to have missed the fact that the Juicy Well-done hammer is a hunk of meat so big it puts both Disneyland and Medieval Times to shame, and you can hit monsters in the face with it. Personally, I consider that very salient.


To be clear, the Well-done Hammer is not actually made from turkey. I don't believe turkeys exist in Monster Hunter. Based on the hunt it comes from, it's likely the leg of an Odogaron, a very angry dog-like dinosaur, or a Glavenus, a tyrannosaurus that can light its tail on fire before hitting you with it. I look forward to hunting both creatures with a weapon made of their own body parts, which is just the kind of twisted that Monster Hunter excels at.

If you play any MHW while the anniversary fest is active, make sure to do the Beef is Never a Mi-Stake event quest enough to earn the materials needed to craft and upgrade the Well-done Hammer. Also make sure to take on another event quest, 50 Shades of White, to earn the tickets needed to craft a whole bunch of new Iceborne weapons.

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