Immortals: Fenyx Rising will get a season pass and free in-game events post-launch

In a new video, Ubisoft outlined its post-launch plans for its upcoming action-adventure Immortals: Fenyx Rising, making it look as if there is quite a good spread of content waiting for players.

The Season Pass includes a new quest for Fenyx as well as three standalone episodes. In A New God, Fenyx travels to Olympus to take on a number of trials in a vault the Olympians apparently just happen to have at home in addition to their arena. Some gods just like to watch the world burn, or rather, watch people undertake dangerous quests for their amusement.

The second episode, called Myths of the Eastern Realm, lets you control Ku, a completely new hero trained in martial arts, and introduces Chinese mythology, tackling everyone's favourite topic after Greek mythology. And Norse mythology.

In The Lost Gods, it's back to the Greeks, but you get another new hero, as well as brawler combat, complete from a top-down perspective, on a new island. It sounds like a lot for DLC. Ubisoft also announced daily and weekly quests and cosmetics and more for the post-launch period which will be free for all players. There's been no info on how exactly these challenges and events are going to play, likely to not spoil Immortals Rising's gameplay completely ahead of launch.

Honestly, I didn't think much about Ubisoft's new game Immortals: Fenyx Rising, not because I wasn't interested, but because it was drowned out by larger releases such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla. With that out of the way as it were, and thanks to a genuinely intriguing gameplay preview by Wes, I'm looking forward to the game when it releases December 3.