I'm this close to spending money I don't have on a huge 4K 120Hz OLED Prime Day gaming monitor

Prime Day deals - Aorus OLED gaming monitor
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One of my favorite large format gaming monitors is back on sale for Prime Day. Amazon has a got a deal for an Aorus FO48U for only $800. This 48-inch OLED gaming monitor is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a large screen for console and PC gaming for less than $1,000. 

This screen was last this price in February when it was marked down from its $1,500 MSRP with a rebate. We've seen this thing sell for $1,000 on Amazon in the last couple of months. So you're really talking a $200 savings instead of $700. But hey, a discount off an already marked-down OLED gaming monitor is a gift I wouldn't return. 

One of the big selling points for the Aorus FO48U is its massive 48-inch 4K 120Hz panel which provides some great viewing angles and great contrast. I've mentioned before that it's a solid gaming monitor that can moonlight as a TV.

I do have a couple of gripes with this big monitor. For one, there's no TV tuner or streaming apps so you'll need something like an Nvidia Shield if you're looking to binge all your favorite shows. 

Aorus FO48U | 48-inch | 4K | OLED | 120Hz | $1,499.99$799.99 at Amazon (save $700)

Aorus FO48U | 48-inch | 4K | OLED | 120Hz | $1,499.99 $799.99 at Amazon (save $700)
If you are primarily a PC gamer looking to go big, This Aorus 48-inch OLED 4K display supports 120Hz to get the most out of your GPU and consoles. This has had another significant cut in price, now that a larger model has been announced, and at this price it's a fantastic OLED deal.

As much as I love being able to play Xbox Series X or PS5 games at 4K 120Hz, there are only two HDMI 2.1 ports. So if you've got multiple consoles and streaming devices, you'll find yourself regularly making reaching behind the monitor and switching some cables.

There's always a risk of burn-in with OLEDs, so be wary of having static images on a screen for too long  (like the news) and  make sure it's off when you're not actively using it (or make sure you leave on auto-dimming). 

All that said, this gaming monitor is perfect for someone like me, who's currently shopping for a large screen display for my office. So I think I might actually add this to the cart while trying to explain to my wife why I need another 4K monitor for "work."

If you're after an actual OLED TV, rather than a pure monitor, the LG OLED C1 below is one of our favorites, and is currently sitting at a similar price.


LG OLED C1 | 48-inch | 4K | OLED | 120Hz | $1,499.99 $796.99 at Amazon (save $703)
This is the granddaddy of OLED TVs, not just for watching on, but for gaming, too. It's fully cut-out for fast-paced gaming, whether you're rigging up a gaming PC or next-gen console to it, thanks to its HDMI 2.1 low-latency connection and G-Sync and FreeSync support. This definitely feels like the pinnacle of TVs for us in 2021, and it sets an exciting precedent for big-screen gaming to come.

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