I'm not sure if it's funny or nightmarish but this Chrome extension adds MrBeast's excitedly gaping maw to every single YouTube thumbnail

MrBeast's face on YouTube Thumbnails
(Image credit: MrBeast, YouTube)

I'm honestly not sure if I've ever watched a MrBeast video, but it's almost impossible to not see Jimmy 'MrBeast' Donaldson on a daily basis. He's one of the biggest influencers in the world, constantly making news with stunts that range from massive acts of charity to recreating Squid Game with hundreds of people.

You don't even need to be online to see him: the other day I was paying for some Gatorade in a 7-11 and at the checkout counter there was a display of MrBeast branded energy bars. The guy is everywhere.

But is he everywhere enough for you? Couldn't he be everywhere more? The Chrome extension YouTube MrBeastify will make it happen. 

Like most YouTubers', MrBeast's video thumbnails almost always show his face, his mouth wide open in an unnaturally massive grin to suggest he cannot believe the shocking and delightful contents of his own video. 

Once you install that extension it'll ensure that MrBeast's excitedly gaping maw will appear in every single YouTube thumbnail there is. Even in videos that would be totally inappropriate to be delightful excited about, like the Hindenburg disaster. There's a video about a devastating earthquake or flood? Now MrBeast is grinning and holding up a fist-full of cash in the thumbnail. Top 10 deadliest diseases? MrBeast is delighted and, for some reason, wearing a Willy Wonka outfit.

Heck, here he is all over the PC Gamer YouTube channel, even taking part in our podcasts.

(Image credit: MrBeast, YouTube)

Whatever the video, be it breaking news, a gruesome sports injuries compilation, a dry 90 minute lecture about tax preparation, or depressing scientific information about the inevitable heat death of the universe and the eternal void that awaits us all, MrBeast is goddamn excited about it—at least in the thumbnail.

(Image credit: MrBeast, YouTube)

I think the reason it's funny to me personally is because I keep forgetting I installed the extension and so I'm constantly being tricked for a second or two when I go to YouTube. Like, I feel a strange pain in my arm and I naturally Google "Warning signs of a stroke" and the YouTube results come up and show MrBeast's impossibly huge grin.

And then I think: "What the fffff—oh, right. MrBeast didn't make a video screaming excitedly about stroke warning signs. I just installed that stupid extension and keep forgetting to remove it."

Try it out! Maybe prank someone with it. It's fun. Or it's an utter nightmare. I can't quite decide which. 

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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