If you can't play the Resident Evil 4 remake in VR, this first person mod might be the next best thing

One of the few things that's ever tempted me to get a VR headset is the idea of having an old favorite transformed by the tech—projects like the VR versions of the O.G. Resident Evil 4 or its recent remake. I still don't have a headset, but modder elsuperaguas' first person project for the RE4 Remake (as reported by DSOGaming) looks to offer a similarly immersive transformation with no VR required.

This video by YouTube channel Residence of Evil gives you a good impression of how it works in action. The mod shifts the camera to the first person, but otherwise leaves Leon's body model and animations intact, leading to a slower-paced sort of FPS with a real grounding in the world⁠—pretty similar to RE7 and Village's gameplay, all things considered. I could see the reduced situational awareness making the game much more stressful and difficult, but isn't that part of the fun?

Elsuperaguas' project has a number of dependent mods⁠—amusingly, you have to make Leon's head invisible in order to make room for the new first person camera. Still, it surprises me how few tweaks it takes to turn RE4 into a functional FPS. Just a few years ago, Capcom itself went in the opposite direction with its addition of a third person camera to the originally first person Resident Evil Village.

You can get elsuperaguas' first person retrofit, as well as its dependent mods, over on the Resident Evil 4 (2023) Nexus

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