Neverhood developer is carving out a new claymation vision with Armikrog

So as far as titles go, Armikrog doesn't quite have the same whimsy as 1996's The Neverhood. Still, with the same creative minds overseeing the world, and the same loving hands sculpting life into the clay, this new stop-motion adventure is bound to deliver an all-new burst of gaming nostalgia.

Neverhood creator Doug TenNapel is now running a Kickstarter campaign with most of the original development team under new name Pencil Test Studios, hoping to bring spiritual successor Armikrog into being. The oddball title? That comes from the name of the fortress that player character Tommynaut will find himself trapped in. At least he'll have his talking dog Beak-Beak for company, even if the poor thing has got a jawbone to rival PacMan's.

The point-and-click adventure will once again feature authentic stop-motion claymation—none of that computer-generated stuff. We want thumbprints in our virtual worlds, dammit. TenNapel and co. are seeking $900,000 in funding, which they insist is a lot less than the original Neverhood required. As of writing, you can pledge $20 toward a copy of the finished product, or you can go nuts and put $10,000 toward a "delicious meal." The project's already looking pretty far along in development, and if funded, we can expect to hop into Tommynaut's squishy shoes sometime mid-next year.