I Am Bread introduces space combat

I Am Bread Starch Wars

It's the fourth of May, so it's Buck Rogers day or something, I don't know. To celebrate the fact, Bossa Studios has released a free update for frustrating loaf simulator I Am Bread: Starch Wars.

Ahhh, it's Star Wars Day - now I get it! Beam me up, the fourth of May!

Anyway, the update - which you can get gratis if you own the game proper and have completed the first chapter - takes things in a slightly unexpected direction: up. Into space, actually. It's genuinely, actually, I-am-not-making-this-up, a space combat game. Look:

Bossa sent some words, too. Be warned, there are many awful puns in here: "Following the destruction of the petrol station, the remaining crumbs of the rebellious fleet have been intercepted as they head to the planet of all-dough-naan. A lone freedom fighter with the call sign bread leader picks up the distress signal and speeds to their aid. And yep, you guessed it; he's their only hope."

While a clever little addition to the game, it's a shame the original package isn't all that. It's not awful, but by no means is it as great as a game all about bread should have been.