HyperX launches two compact mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches

Kingston is adding two new mechanical keyboards under its HyperX gaming division, the HyperX Alloy FPS and HyperX Alloy Elite. Both sport a solid-steel frame, use Cherry MX key switches, and are relatively compact, though the Alloy FPS is a bit smaller as it ditches the dedicated number pad (otherwise known as tenkeyless, or TKL).

Starting with the larger of the two, the Alloy Elite measures 444mm x 226.8mm x 36.3mm and weighs a little under 1.5kg. It has a single color (red) backlight with six LED modes and four brightness levels to play with. The Alloy Elite also features a 1,000Hz polling rate, 100 percent anti-ghosting, and USB 2.0 pass-through with two USB 2.0 ports available.

There are dedicated media controls on the Alloy Elite, along wit ha large volume wheel and quick access buttons for brightness, lighting effects, and to toggle game mode on and off.

HyperX includes a set of textured WASD keys and silver colored (though non-textured) 1234 keys that you can swap out using the bundled key puller.

The Alloy Elite will be available starting August 21 for $110. Buyers will be able to choose between Cherry MX Blue, Red, and Brown key switches (check our guide on key switches to learn how these differ).

HyperX's Alloy FPS Pro is similar to the Alloy Elite except that it does not have a number pad and is overall a smaller plank as a result—it measures 359mm x 130mm x 34.5mm and weighs 900g.

Also different is that the Alloy FPS Pro lets you adjust the backlight with five brightness levels instead of four, and it has a single USB 2.0 connector instead of two.

The Alloy FPS Pro will also be available August 21, but for $80 and only with Cherry MX Red key switches.

Paul Lilly

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